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ch.enterpriselab.login.control.GroupManager Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

String getLDAPGroup (final ELUser elUser) throws ConfigurationException
String getScriptTemplate (String ldapGroupID) throws ConfigurationException

Static Public Member Functions

static GroupManager getInstance ()

Detailed Description

Evaluates the LDAP-Group based on the AAI-Attributes and the GroupConfig.xml.


Member Function Documentation

static GroupManager ch.enterpriselab.login.control.GroupManager.getInstance ( ) [static]

Singleton pattern

singleton instance of this class

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String ch.enterpriselab.login.control.GroupManager.getLDAPGroup ( final ELUser  elUser) throws ConfigurationException

Evaluates the LDAP Group (gidNumber). The xml-configuration file is load every time it is executed (changing configuraiton during runtime is so possible).

the ldap Group Number (gidNumber for example: 1027)

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String ch.enterpriselab.login.control.GroupManager.getScriptTemplate ( String  ldapGroupID) throws ConfigurationException

Getter for the Script-Template-XML of a certain group, which contains the shell-commands.

ldapGroupIDLDAP Group ID
Name of the Script-Template-XML for the specified Group. If there is no template specified, it takes the default one from the Main-Configuration. (For example: studentScriptTemplate.xml)

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