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ch.enterpriselab.login.managedBean.BackingBean Class Reference
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 BackingBean ()
void init ()
String enableAccount ()
String createAccount ()
String createNewPassword ()
String deleteAccount ()
boolean isUserExistInLDAP ()
boolean isUserAccountDisabled ()
boolean isProductive ()
boolean isLDAPConnectionReady ()
String getPassword ()
void setPassword (String password)
String getPasswordValidate ()
void setPasswordValidate (String passwordValidate)
ELUser getElUser ()
String getOldElUser ()
void setOldElUser (String oldElUser)
boolean isExistUser ()
void setExistUser (boolean existUser)

Detailed Description

Class behind the UI.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ch.enterpriselab.login.managedBean.BackingBean.BackingBean ( )

Default Constructor. Empty.

Member Function Documentation

String ch.enterpriselab.login.managedBean.BackingBean.createAccount ( )

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String ch.enterpriselab.login.managedBean.BackingBean.createNewPassword ( )

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String ch.enterpriselab.login.managedBean.BackingBean.deleteAccount ( )

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String ch.enterpriselab.login.managedBean.BackingBean.enableAccount ( )

Activate a disabled Account

Startpage (Home)

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ELUser ch.enterpriselab.login.managedBean.BackingBean.getElUser ( )
the elUser
String ch.enterpriselab.login.managedBean.BackingBean.getOldElUser ( )
the oldElUser
String ch.enterpriselab.login.managedBean.BackingBean.getPassword ( )
the password
String ch.enterpriselab.login.managedBean.BackingBean.getPasswordValidate ( )
the passwordValidate
void ch.enterpriselab.login.managedBean.BackingBean.init ( )

Initialize the Session Scoped Bean. Will be called when the user session starts. Form Switch AAI following Attributes are reveiced

  • Shib-EP-Affiliation
  • Shib-EP-Entitlement
  • Shib-EP-OrgDN
  • Shib-EP-OrgUnitDN
  • Shib-EP-PrincipalName
  • Shib-InetOrgPerson-givenName
  • Shib-InetOrgPerson-homePhone
  • Shib-InetOrgPerson-homePostalAddress
  • Shib-InetOrgPerson-mail
  • Shib-InetOrgPerson-mobile
  • Shib-InetOrgPerson-preferredLanguage
  • Shib-OrgPerson-postalAddress
  • Shib-Person-surname
  • Shib-Person-telephoneNumber
  • Shib-SwissEP-DateOfBirth
  • Shib-SwissEP-Gender
  • Shib-SwissEP-HomeOrganization
  • Shib-SwissEP-HomeOrganizationType
  • Shib-SwissEP-UniqueID
  • Shib-SwissEP-swissEduPersonStaffCategory
  • Shib-SwissEP-swissEduPersonStudyBranch1
  • Shib-SwissEP-swissEduPersonStudyBranch2
  • Shib-SwissEP-swissEduPersonStudyBranch3
  • Shib-SwissEP-swissEduPersonStudyLevel

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boolean ch.enterpriselab.login.managedBean.BackingBean.isExistUser ( )
the existUser
boolean ch.enterpriselab.login.managedBean.BackingBean.isLDAPConnectionReady ( )

Make a connection to the ldap Server. If the connection is Ready, it returns true.

connections status

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boolean ch.enterpriselab.login.managedBean.BackingBean.isProductive ( )

Evaluates if the application is running on a productive system, by evaluation the Project State from the web.xml. Used for example when Shibboleth AAI Environment isn't available.

True when its on the productive environment

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boolean ch.enterpriselab.login.managedBean.BackingBean.isUserAccountDisabled ( )

Check if "Enable-Account" button can be displayed. -> checks if the account is disabled

"true" if the button can be displayed

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boolean ch.enterpriselab.login.managedBean.BackingBean.isUserExistInLDAP ( )

Check if the user exists in the ldap form EnterpriseLab

"true" if the user already exists.

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void ch.enterpriselab.login.managedBean.BackingBean.setExistUser ( boolean  existUser)
existUserthe existUser to set
void ch.enterpriselab.login.managedBean.BackingBean.setOldElUser ( String  oldElUser)
oldElUserthe oldElUser to set
void ch.enterpriselab.login.managedBean.BackingBean.setPassword ( String  password)
passwordthe password to set
void ch.enterpriselab.login.managedBean.BackingBean.setPasswordValidate ( String  passwordValidate)
passwordValidatethe passwordValidate to set

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