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ch.enterpriselab.login.util.Util Class Reference

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static void sendMail (String toAddress, String subject, String content)

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static final String CONFIG_DIR = getConfigPath()
static final String SCRIPT_TEMPLATE_DIR = ConfigurationManager.getInstance().getScriptTemplateDir()
static final String DEFAULT_SCRIPT_TEMPLATE = ConfigurationManager.getInstance().getDefaultScriptTemplate()

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static void ch.enterpriselab.login.util.Util.sendMail ( String  toAddress,
String  subject,
String  content 
) [static]

Send Mail through the Tomcat infrastructur Tomcat 6 includes a standard resource factory that will create javax.mail.Session session instances. In this way, the application is totally insulated from changes in the email server configuration environment. Requirements: Copy the libraries activation.jar (Java Activation Framework API) and mail.jar (JavaMail API) in the Tomcat endorsed/library Folder.

See also:
toAddressEmailaddress recipient
subjectSubject of the Mail
contentText inside the Email

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final String ch.enterpriselab.login.util.Util.CONFIG_DIR = getConfigPath() [static]
final String ch.enterpriselab.login.util.Util.DEFAULT_SCRIPT_TEMPLATE = ConfigurationManager.getInstance().getDefaultScriptTemplate() [static]
final String ch.enterpriselab.login.util.Util.SCRIPT_TEMPLATE_DIR = ConfigurationManager.getInstance().getScriptTemplateDir() [static]

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