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The UnukLCD script is a simple example of how to use LCDproc to show the currently playing song of MPD. I wrote this mainly for learning purpose. I just wanted to get to know how to use LCDProc with my PicoLCD 4x20 display.

I release this simple version with the hope that this might help someone using LCDproc with python and or give a head start with python mpd. It should be quite easy to improve this script and get a better LCD front end for mpd. It should work with oterh 4x20 displays but this was not tested.


This script has the following requirements:

The script is tested with the given version above but might work with others as well.


Just download the script and execute it. Make sure that the MPD and the LCDproc are working before.

For configuration see the script it self at the beginning you can configure the address of the MPD and the LCDproc.

python unuklcd.py


The script will show the current song that is being played by the MPD. It shows the status of the MPD. In addition it provides a simple key mapping for controlling the MPD. The keys are mapped as follow described.

MPD Function LCD Key
Play/Pause F2
Stop Enter, Back, Home
Next F3, Down
Previous F1, Up

Known Bugs

This script is kept as simple as possible since I only used it for testing the idea and to get the first working script with LCDproc. This might be used as an example for others but there are some known problems as listed here.

Next Steps

I will work further on this client but I will change the structure quite a bit. This was just the first prototype and I release it this way with the hope that it will be of use for someone. The future version will be more complicated to understand.

I have the goal of adding at least the following features:


The UnukLCD script is released under the BSD License.